Sports 2.0 is already here – ESports!

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Sports 2.0 is already here – ESports!

Assuming your first reaction to the title will be negative and you’ll be like “what is he talking about, playing video games is not a sport?!”, I kindly ask you to stay just for a moment to have us reconsider some facts. Maybe you will change your mind.
First of all, we need to define what actually a sport is. The one definition that we hear most often, and the one that most people would agree to, is that sports generally is a competition between two or more opponents who compete for entertainment, or glory or some sort of prize. Elaborating on that we could also conclude that every sport needs certain elements to be recognized as such:
– Opponents (players, teams,…)
– Playing field (arena, stadium, table,…)
– Audience
– Prize (a trophy, money,… )

espnskip2So, starting from the top – ESports not only has great number of teams or individual players who compete on tournaments or championships but it also has pro-players who make a living out of playing it (and a six figure living, if you know what I mean). One of these players may as well be your scrawny-next-door -kid with glasses who never comes out of the house. But, that “indoors” part is perhaps necessary in order to become on of the pro-guys who have a paid salary from their team, because competition is tough and they have to train couple of hours every single day. Again, I hear you say “What the f— do they train, man?!” Well, they do. In order to be good at ESports your mind has to be sharp, as well as your coordination and anticipation, just like in your old fashioned game of soccer, isn’t it?

When it comes to the next requirement, i.e. the playing “field”, we could just take a lo
ok at a few pictures of recent ESports events and it would be clear that they do have truly respectable arenas and battlefields. For example, last League of Legends championship was held in front of 40-50.000 spectators in a stadium in Seoul! Of course, a decade back most of these competitions were being held in hotels or conference rooms but now even football stadiums are too small for all of those who want to come and support their team.

And they DO support, in great numbers. Audience for this sport is constantly increasing, and it was estimated that in 2013 over 70 million people worldwide watched competitive gaming! In fact, there is a TV program in South Korea that is completely dedicated to ESports competitions (24/7). Even the famous ESPN did a preview of DOTA2 grand final last year!
11393171_937377782971494_1344796149803067903_nAnd in the end, there is also the element of reward for a winner and the effort he put into beating the opponent. A lot of money is going around in this business, and with all the internet gambling and online booking it is only growing and growing. One example will probably be enough – the complete prize pool for that same DOTA2 championship in Seattle was around 11 million US dollars!
Players and fans of videogames like League of Legends, DOTA2, StarCraft2 and Diablo III, which are the most popular at the moment, are something that surely is a thing of the future. All of the enormous growth and expansion from South East Asia to all over the world is something that should be reckoned with and it is maybe time for everybody to take notice that Sport2.0 is already among us.

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