Top Video Game 2018 Nominees

The years just keep getting better and better for gamers and the whole gaming industry alike, welcoming an increasing amount of top games to the shelves. Back in 2017, countless awe-inspiring games have become massive hits throughout the globe and with many gamers not even able to finish all of them until today, there's no doubt that new games 2018 for video games in PS4, XBOX, PC and more would surely be hard-pressed to keep up with the advancements that has recently occurred. Still, here we are yet again proven wrong by the gaming industry as even more exciting new games 2018 nominees are planned to hit the shelves with a resounding entrance.

Some of the 2018 nominees for most anticipated games are titles that you may have already heard in the past and are sequels of the game that have been massive hits already. Undeniably, their latest sequels are proving to be extremely exciting and living up to the expectations of people and no one simply can't wait for them to finally release. For those who are already feeling jumpy and excited for what's to come, check out our 2018 video game trailers for some of new games that are expected to receive video game awards 2018.

Red Dead Redemption 2

With the iconic old west setup of the Red Dead Redemption, there's little to no mystery at all how it has managed to attract the attention of massive base of players throughout the globe. What it excels on though, is not only its graphics and settings but also its extremely massive open world system topped with its storyline that would surely keep anyone engaged and immersed on the game's flow. You'll meet varieties of characters in the game, deal with superb missions and of course, kill enemies in a third-person perspective. Though Red Dead Redemption 2 was said to be released back in 2017, it was delayed and is now part of the 2018 nominees for the most anticipated game today.

Far Cry 5

Although some may argue about the depth on how Far Cry's stories go, there's simply no doubt that it's powerful and extremely appealing gameplay, features and more are enough to keep any player hooked. Far Cry series always delved onto scenarios where American individuals found themselves on foreign lands and start liberating them but on the Far Cry 5, the creators put a massive twist and brings the battle to Montana US. Here, you'll battle it out with modern enemies who have developed their Nazi-selves and have started capturing towns. It'll be up to you to save them and liberate the state from these modern enemies.

The Last of Us 2

When it comes to PS4-exclusive games, The Last of Us 2 is definitely one of the most anticipated new game for video game awards 2018. The first instalment to this series has taken the gaming industry by storm with its open world setup and engaging story coupled with superb controls and gameplay that will surely get anyone addicted to it. Now, Ellie, one of the main characters of the game has grown up and as both our main characters traverse this apocalyptic land, they are bound to meet new people, enemies and uncover more about the current world. Unfortunately, though, specifics about the game has still yet to be announced but, the superior cinematic trailer of the game is truly something that would put anyone on their feet in excitement.