5 Best Video Games 2018

2017 has just ended with a blast as long as the gaming industry is involved and as a new year comes for the aforementioned industry, it is yet again ready to bring an enormous bang to the current shelves with the entry of new and outstanding video games for everyone to enjoy and indulge in. There are plenty of best video games 2018 out there which certainly wouldn't fail to capture the attention of massive gamers base and if you're also one who's itching to know more what this new year has in store for avid gamers throughout the globe, then you're in for some surprise as FourZeroTwo is here to give you a glimpse of the best video games 2018 so far.

Take note though that the games in this page are only those which have been released already and are games that you could try at this moment. They are only appetizers for what's to come in this massive year of game surprises and they would surely give you a glimpse of how awesome this year is going to be for the gaming industry. In fact, any of these could be 2018 nominees for best game of the year. You don't have to wait any longer as here are some of the top games that will surely satiate your hunger for excitement and exhilarating experience brought by your console and your screen.

Street Fighter V

Arcade video games have always been an addictive game raved by countless gamers throughout the globe. However, its number in the industry has considerably lessened with more innovative games entering the market. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, breaks the stalemate in this category though, and makes a huge splash in the gaming industry for the sake of all other arcade games. It adapts the original's game exquisite fighting essence where you fight it out with either a computer or a human opponent after you've picked from the numerous characters served by the game. Although the core essence is still there, everything would surely be able to surprise you from the graphics, gameplay, controls and even other superb features that will make the game more engaging, brutal and exciting.#hLost Sphear#/h

The market for Japanese role-playing games are continuously growing from I am Setsuna up to other JRPG and this Lost Sphear is yet another addition to the growing population of Japanese games in the mainstream of the gaming industry. With its impeccable graphics and gameplay, the game is set to awe you throughout your experience while its plotline, narration and other aspects would keep you hooked on what's to happen next. Being a spiritual successor to the massive game, I am Setsuna, it is without a doubt that the game is something that would satisfy plenty of your expectations and even exceed them.

Monster Hunter: World

Entering the PS4 scene from being a rather successful handheld device game in Japan, Monster Hunter: World is set to change the perspective of Western Countries about it. Although the original title in the handheld device had a resounding success in Japan and other Asian countries, it wasn't the same for Western countries but, with the rise of the Monster Hunter: World and its entry to the PS4 platform, more and more users are getting hooked to it. The game comes with no complex plot lines or legendary narrations - it's more of an action-based game where you hunt massive beasts, kill them, loot them and upgrade your character to new heights. The exciting experience brought by the game is something that many craves to experience over and over again, making it one of the top new game for this year that will surely be hard to topple from its spot.

Shadow of Colossus

The overly ambitious game of Shadow of Colossus has definitely swept the gaming market by storm with its outstanding gaming goals to the multitude of players throughout the globe. However, due to certain reasons, it wasn't able to live up much to the hype. This new remake, however, is dead-set on showcasing the game's stupendous comeback to the gaming scene as it yet again welcomes you to a world full of a wasteland as you battle it out with gigantic monsters. The massive open world will surely amaze you but even more than that, you'll surely be head-over-heels with the improved graphics and gameplay of the game.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Nothing could be better than a game packed with medieval awesomeness and adventure. There's no doubt that this game is for those people who want to experience role-playing games with a more realistic approach, rather than the usual fantasy approach. You'll see historical figures in this game, jam-packed with high-quality graphics and gameplay but more than that, you'll surely be amazed at the immersive and engaging story about revenge and how it could turn into a tale to remember.