Mobile Game Awards

With the mobile industry growing fervently through the passing years, it is not surprising that it has enjoyed a massive improvement even when it comes to its gaming department. Nowadays, you can enjoy games on your mobile device that could be as immersive and addictive as games on your PC or console. Although they may be far cry away from the graphical capabilities of consoles and full-blown gaming computers, there's no doubt that the mobile games today are enough to keep you playing for hours.

Although 2018 has just entered, the mobile gaming industry has already been flocked with new games throughout the globe. From out of all them, some stood up and became mobile game award finalists for mobile game awards of different mobile game categories. If you are intrigued to know more about what's happening to the mobile gaming section, FourZeroTwo offers the best games today, which you can download to your mobile device and play to your heart's content.

Best Trivia Game

Trivia games may have been deemed boring by many but, placing it to the online platform of pinning you against other players and friends from Social Media, the Trivia Crack Kingdom redefines everything you know about trivia games of the past. Although the mechanics are simple as you just need to answer the trivia with the choices provided, the addition of connecting to opponents made it an exciting game on a whole new platform. You can battle it out with a single player or more while you could even play with multiple channels through its asynchronous setup. It's a battle of wits and knowledge and the winner has the bragging rights to flaunt their win with their friends.

Best Puzzle and Word Game

Though Monument Valley has truly surprised the crowd with its engaging puzzles and storyline, there's no doubt that many found it lacklustre in some departments especially when it comes to its graphics. The sequel to the game, the Monument Valley 2, made sure that it solved this problem, welcoming its players in a world full of colours and splendour that would keep gamers engaged in its world. Not to mention, there are more characters in this game, more exciting puzzles to solve and even more, words to ponder on. Are you up for the challenge or are you not?

Best Action Game

Yes, Mario has hit the mobile gaming industry with the massive game Super Mario Run. With this classic game entering the mobile gaming platform, it is not surprising that it has managed to capture the attention of a huge number of players throughout the globe. You'll surely feel nostalgic as you enter the game and feel the classic vibe from it from Mario himself, the background of the game and of course, the enemies, This running game also would not disappoint when it comes to its superb list of game modes from the Main World Tour, The Toad Rally Mode and the Kingdom Builder Mode. With these three modes coupled with the amazing gameplay and graphics of the game, it has been deemed as one of the Best Action game of the year.

Best Role Playing Game

If you've already played the Knights of Pen and Paper in the past, then you'll feel nostalgic as well when you meet the Galaxy of Pen and Paper. Just like its predecessor, it comes with the beautiful and awesome retro art direction of the game but in a more improved setup and gameplay than before. Another obvious change is the fact that instead of the medieval period, this game brings the action outside Earth and into the massive Milky Way Galaxy were you'll encounter massive amount of sci-fi elements from machines, alien technology and alien themselves. This massive role-playing tabletop turn-based game is something that would surely keep you up for hours and make you dying to finish the game and see how its events unfold.

Best Racing Game

Regardless of gender and age, one type of game which any mobile device simply would have is a racing game. If you're looking for a game in this department, the Real Racing 3 is definitely the title that you should install on your device and try. Though it comes with massive requirements for a powerful device, there's no doubt that it will be worth it, given the fact that the game is oozing with top graphics that you could even compare with racing games found on PCs and consoles. Being a racing game, its gameplay is nothing new as there's only one goal in the game which is to win and drive new cars. There are also multiple modes here from Time shift, Time trials and the standard races.