The Different Video Game Award Categories

For years, video games have improved vastly to the point where more and more have made it possible to make games as engaging and immersive as possible. Of course, developing games and providing it to the countless people throughout the globe is no easy feat and it is only right that those which are recognized as the best, be given their well-deserved awards. This is through the Game Awards Event and it is something that's annually done to honour the outstanding games that have graced the video game industry. However, a single game to be awarded among any other would not be a fair bout at all which is why there are plenty of Video Game Award categories. Our site is here to render you with a brief explanation about these different categories in order for you to learn more about their significance.

Best Game of the Year

The best game of the year is one of the most challenging categories. After all, to be the best the game needs to excel in all aspects: storyline, graphics, and characters. Being the best video game out of all the games for that year only means that in the overall scenario, you've excelled more than the competition, and is also considered one of the most prestigious awards for a specific video game.

Best Narrative

Games would not be as engaging without a plot line. Having the best narrative means that the game comes with an outstanding storyline, allowing the player to be immersed in the story in great detail. From the graphics itself, dialogue down to the words used by the players and the narrators of the story, every bit of these could affect whether a game could be awarded the best narrative award.

Best Multiplayer Game

There are games which aim to provide a single player career mode and entices players with their plot lines and more. On the other hand, multiplayer games emphasize on action and its capability to make a world where multiple people across the globe could battle it out or play with each other within the environments of the game. It goes without saying that games in this category are based online to connect players throughout the world.

Best Sports Game

This one is a bit self-explanatory. If you've already played FIFA, NBA and other sports games, then you surely know that this award targets games within the sports genre. There are still factors that can be considered on determining who's the winner from the graphics of the game up to the gameplay on how well they portray the actual sports in a real-life environment.

Best Strategy Games

Games in this category are often those which emphasize on providing brain-wracking situations where one had to use their wits and decision-making skills in order to defeat their opponent. Strategy games could either be PVE or PVP but the bottom line is that the game which could make the players think more and immerse themselves in the game would surely be the undisputed winner of this video game award category.

Best ESports Game

There could be many games out there which comes in online and multiplayer game options but, not many are included in the Electronic sports scene. It is a given that the game which is going to be awarded this category must be a game within the ESports scene and is considered as the best among other ESports game at the time.

Best Fighting Game

Games are divided into their own genres and of course, this makes it evident that there ought to be fighting games out there which comes in varieties of graphics and themes. The fighting game that tops the competition is the one worthy for this game award.