Game Awards 2017 Winners

With the multitude of games out there that you can choose to play, there's no doubt that you'll want nothing short of the best installed on your device. The best way for you to know what games you should try out, is of course to review the video game awards 2017 and look into what games have stood out of the rest. It's one of the most exciting event of the year for the gaming industry and you'll never know - your favorite game may also be included in this list of winners.

The best games 2017 come from different category as each game excelled in varieties of things compared to their competition. If you're keen to find out more about the 2017 winners, you're in luck as FourZeroTwo is the perfect place for you to learn more about these winners.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

The line of Zelda games is one of the most successful one throughout the history of video games. In 2017, it's also one of the most successful as it bagged varieties of awards all for itself, making it a must-play game for everybody. Whether it be the gameplay of the game, its engaging story line and its superb and massive open world, everything about the game is seemingly perfect and you'll surely want to try out more of what it can offer. The game has won Game of the Year award, Best Game Direction and even the crown for Best Action/Adventure game. This game developed by Nintendo is definitely one that has left its competition in the dust.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

If you're more of a multiplayer guy than one who engages on single player game with story, then you'll surely be more excited about the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds game. It has swept the gaming industry by storm and has accumulated a massive fan base during the recent months. It is expected that the game's following would continue to grow and this isn't something to be surprised at all, given the fact that the game features an exhilarating death match between 100 players in an open world game set off in an island packed with a limited time of gameplay for each round. It has also earned its rightful award of being the Best Multiplayer game of the year, leaving you with no reason not to try out the experience it could bring to you when you play the game.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Setting a milestone for Capcom and the Resident Evil Franchise itself, the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, introduces a new environment for players to enjoy, based on a first-person perspective which has never been used before on a Resident Evil game. Not to mention, from the recent installments of the game that was more action-oriented, this latest game has obviously deviated from its current course and has heed the call of the public to return back to its horror roots, giving way to this thrilling and suspense-filled, survival horror game. It is something that has also been incorporated to VR or AR, making it even more immersive for one to play. With its seamless integration to the innovative Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality options, it has gained the award for being the best VR/AR Game of 2017.